[EventCalendar] Help fixing event date in archive listing

Mel Barber melmbarber at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 15:01:48 BST 2010

I'm having trouble getting the archive listing for events to display the
correct date in the header. I can't find the exact problem in the mailing
list archive, but I'm hoping someone will have some ideas to help. I don't
have enough knowledge of coding to fix it from scratch.

Here's the page, with a test event:

The title bar shows the correct date event -- July 29 -- but the archive
header shows July 22.

The problem only shows up when I have a recurring event. ec3_get_start_date
will only show the date of the first occurrence in the archive header. I
need something there that shows the same date that's showing in the title

Thanks for any help,
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