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Mark Naylor marknaylor at signet-solutions.com
Wed May 5 12:22:50 BST 2010

I tried to explain this 3 years ago here.



I have noticed a few people asking similar questions, 

Others may advocate altering the plugin code, but it is already set up to do what you need.


I have reproduced the post below so that others can find the link.

Ec3_the_schedule needs to go in the loop to be effective.




Formats the schedule for the current post. If you want to echo the result directly onto the page, This is the call you want. For HTML as a string use ec3_get_schedule()



ec3_the_schedule() is useful to produce a controllable (different from default) HTML output for use within a post, especially when you wish to style the output using div’s instead of tables. The command takes the form of




all of the parameters above are optional, and are explained below



$format_single (OPTIONAL)


DEFAULT=’<tr><td colspan=”3″>%s</td></tr>’

Events that only have a start time (no duration) are generated using this template. %s is a placeholder for the time.


$format_range (OPTIONAL)


DEFAULT=’<tr><td class=”ec3_start”>%1$s</td>’

. ‘<td class=”ec3_to”>%3$s</td><td class=”ec3_end”>%2$s</td></tr>’

Events that have a start and end time are generated using this template. %1$s is a placeholder for the start, and %2$s is a placeholder for the end time. %3$s is a placeholder for the word “to”, which may be translated if you are using a localised version of EventCalendar.


$format_wrapper (OPTIONAL)



A template for the whole result. The default generates a table, but you may prefer to have it generate a div, or leave it blank. %s is a placeholder.



<?php ec3_the_schedule('%1$s ');?>

This fragment will generate output in the form

“(Event date) (Event Start Time)” ie December 9, 2007 9:00 am


<?php ec3_the_schedule('%1$s ','','<div class="ec3_the_schedule" >%s </div>');?>

This fragment will generate output in the form

<div class="ec3_the_schedule">December 9, 2007 9:00 am </div>






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I dont like how the text body of an event appears directly to the right of the 'event times' box (the one in red text).
I would prefer to have the text start underneath the times box.

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