[EventCalendar] EC3 Skips events + custom field image

Sam Drew sam at trinitywebhosting.com
Sat May 8 15:20:56 BST 2010

How is your site skipping events?  Is it repeated events that are missing?

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On 07/05/2010 3:22 PM, Ciociaria Eventi wrote:
> Hi to everyone, I hope someone can help me...
> I have a site <http://www.ciociariaeventi.com/> where I post events of 
> a small italian province... now, this site is becoming "popular" in 
> this area and i need to redesign it... the problem is I'm not a 
> programmer, I'm a designer...
> 1. I'm trying something, and I used the /ec3_get_events/ query to show 
> event for "this month" or "this week", but seems that ec3 loses or 
> skips events... how I can fix it?
> 2. I want to show the image associated with the event, for image I use 
> custom-field... is it possible to use the custom-field with ec3 query? 
> if yes, how?
> Thanks
> Giuseppe
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