[EventCalendar] When using "Keep Events Separate" news from my slider (carousel) not showing

Martin Martinovski bazelski at gmail.com
Sat May 22 08:36:41 BST 2010

Here is my events category
When I use K*eep Events Separate news are not showing in carousel* (
carousel is set to show for category news , events calendar from category
events) and events are ordered by event date
When I use *blog entries carousel is working fine *but events ordered by
post date..
I tried using blog entries instead  with this query :
but they are not ordered by event date (ordered by post date )
Can u help?
Can I choose using blog entries and order them by event date?

Note: On my site for now Im using Events plugin by Arnan de
Gans<http://meandmymac.net/> ,
but I think there is no conflict with Events Calendar plugin
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