[EventCalendar] language error - solved (I think)

Jánosi Zoltán János jazoja3 at gmail.com
Tue May 25 11:53:28 BST 2010


I'm new here.
I made a hungarian translation for event calendar (which worked), but 
the widget showed only months in english.
So I modified file* events-list-load-widget-display.php.
*Now it works, display month names as they are in the** .mo **files.
Line 17:
*<span class="month"><?php echo date('M', $start_time); ?></span>*
*<span class="month"><?php echo __(date('M', $start_time), 
$this->pluginDomain); ?></span>*

I got the code snippet from *the-events-calendar.php* line 506-531.
I think this was a common problem, and this little modification also 
works for all the other languages too.

The partially translated language files are appended/connected (?) to 
this mail.
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