[EventCalendar] What exactly is the status of event calendar anyway?

Chris Steketee cfsteketee at yahoo.com.au
Wed May 26 11:31:38 BST 2010

I've used event calendar experimentally and quite like it, particularly after adding the repeating events patch.  But my concern is that there seems to be no person or group taking responsibility for this plugin, other than the diffuse group of subscribers to this mailing list.  Luckily, the current set of subscribers seems to include a number of people who are quite willing to help.

The most recent version of the plugin appears to be a "beta" which is over one year old, and which has to be edited by hand before you can use it (see http://penguin.firetree.net/pipermail/eventcalendar/2010-May/006011.html).  And the repeating events patch has to be applied as well, if you want it.

Is there anyone prepared to take responsibility for posting a version that works out of the box, incorporating known fixes?  

Much as I like the look of this plugin, I feel it would be irresponsible of me to use it for a website I am currently helping to build for a non-profit organisation, as there seems to be no central point of support to turn to when / if things go wrong.  For example, there was a worrying report a few weeks ago of a site that had made heavy use of the plugin and ended up with a mySQL server that was chewing up large amounts of CPU time.  I did not see a resolution of this problem.

Am I mis-reading the situation?

Thanks, Chris

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