[EventCalendar] List past events

johan.orgel at post.tele.dk johan.orgel at post.tele.dk
Mon May 31 11:22:00 BST 2010

Hey Marcus

you can put a link on your site like:

If you just want a sub-category of the evens-category:
(where category 5 is a subcategory of the events-category)

And if you want the posts in order where the most recent events are on
top of list:

I think this is one of the most powerfull features in this plugin!
Of course you could also write a custom function to your like

best regards

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> Fra: Marcus <lotuz at genion.de>
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> Dato: Lør, 29. maj 2010 23:35
> Emne: [EventCalendar] List past events
> Hello,
> is there any possibility to list events from past? It seems, as if I
> get
> via ec3_get_events() just events which do not happened yet.
> Thanks for your Help and this great plugin.
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