[EventCalendar] Issue: Widget Calendar Navigation Links(FIXED MAJOR TYPO)

William Schatten will.schatten at utoronto.ca
Mon Dec 5 04:29:36 GMT 2011

[Disregard previous email - had major typo in the examples below]
I just wanted to report an issue I have been having with the Calendar navigation links. Similar to the issue on the front page of the plugin site: http://wpcal.firetree.net/2009/01/23/version-32beta2/
I am not using this beta version however, I am using version: 3.1.4
My issue is also slightly different.
My Navigation links on the widget work when on the current month, but if you go ahead or back then I encounter an issue. The current month disappears and is just blank. See below.

Correctly displayed on current month:
<<Nov    [RSS ICON]    Jan>>
        December 2011
Also if you click on "December 2011" it will take you to all the events for this month

Incorrectly displayed on ANY OTHER month:
<<Dec    [RSS ICON]    Feb>>


      wrong - the blank space should be "January 2012"
If you click on the blank space it will still take you to all the events for the month of December

Just thought you should know.
Will S.

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