[EventCalendar] Calendar widget does not show events

Rainer Hochreiter rainer.hochreiter at gmail.com
Tue Feb 1 07:57:46 GMT 2011

hi all,

i'm using WP3.0.4 und EC3 3.2.beta2 and my problem is, that my events are
not show in the calendar widget (no ec3_eventday class). normally they are
shown as a link.
nevertheleass the events are show in the upcomming events widget?!

for me it is also strange, that each new article  automatically has two
entries in table wp_posts.
one with post_type=post, post_status=publish and one with
post_type=revision, post_status=inherit

can anyone please help, because on another
everthing works as expected! in this installtion for each post there is only
one entry in wp_posts?!

any hint welcome!

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