[EventCalendar] EC3 - Include Only Posts That Match "Events" Category And "category x" in Upcoming Events List Widget

Joe jlindsay at fanningcommunications.com
Wed Apr 4 20:41:14 BST 2012


I¹ve been scouring sites and the code and cannot figure this out.

I want the ³Upcoming Event² list (using the widget in the sidebar) to
display only posts that match the ³Events² category (the one used for all
event posts) AND another category, ³Major Events².

Essentially, I only want the ³Major Events² to show in the Upcoming Events
list in the sidebar.

Why not use the Category Posts Widget to only show ³Major Events²? - I tried
that. And it does show posts from the ³Major Event² category. The problem
is, the list sorts by post date, not the date of the event. I scoured the
EC3 code trying to find the variable that controls the event date to try to
add it as a sort option to the category list, but cannot find where that
variable is defined in the EC3 code and can be recalled.

I need a solution that either:
1. Adds the EC3 event date variable to the Category Posts widget for


2. Lets me filter the ³Upcoming Events² posts by using the additional
category designation to exclude some Event posts.

Any help (or even a pointing in the right direction) would be appreciated.


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