[EventCalendar] Event Calendar Index Page Issue

Bruce Welton bruce at scribblehouse.com
Thu Nov 6 19:47:13 GMT 2014

Hi Alex-

Maybe this has already been discussed somewhere, and I cannot find an answer.

I had a working install of your event calendar (3.1.4) on a club site (nmdance.com). I ended up updating Wordpress from 3 to 4 after a long delay, and updating the Event Calendar to 3.1.5.

The thing that has changed is most certainly related to permalinks and how links access functions.

When I try to go to the Event page using the link I've had on the home page of the site since I set it up,


it tells me that there are no posts for that category. The page used to display the appropriate calendar for the month on the left side, and the list of events that were on the calendar for the month on the right (the appropriate display for items on the archive page).

However, if I do click on a link on the home page to a specific event, like


I get the single page appropriately displaying the month's calendar on the left, and an entry description on the right side of the page.

I've tried to find an appropriate permalink alternative to the above general event page link, like http://nmdance.com/events/201411/ or http://nmdance.com/events/2014/11/, and I cannot find a suitable combo that makes the event page come up correctly. Likewise, the links in the calendar to view earlier or later months, based on the above "?m=xxxxxx?cat=3" format fail.

I'd appreciate any insight you could lend that would help me get the calendar producing a proper month-based index of events again.

Thank you,

Bruce Welton

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